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SuaKIT - deep learning machine vision inspection software


 SuaKIT is a deep learning machine vision inspection software that can be used in a variety of  manufacturing fields such as display, solar, PCB, film, and semiconductors. With its intuitive UI, anyone can easily create and test deep learning models.

SuaKIT provides:

  • High-resolution image analysis based on deep learning- SuaKIT can automatically learn and analyze defective feature values ​​through deep learning algorithms, regardless of image complexity.
  • High accuracy- deep learning algorithms help users to improve the accuracy of inspection based on various delivery records in the specific manufacturing fields.
  • Auto optimization based on deep learning- With pictures of the different types of defects, users can automatically and easily optimize the program.

SuaKIT has four optional deep learning training methods that users can choose:


Quality analysis for a single image deep learning model in order to determine the defect type.


Image Comparison
 A deep learning model that can maintain its accuracy even for products with varying patterns by training with two different images.


Multi Image Analysis
A deep learning model with improved accuracy by bundling multiple images captured under different optical conditions for the same product.


One Class Learning
 A deep learning model which can detect good / bad products by training only with good images. To be used when defective images data is not available.

 SuaKIT's core functions are:


 Detect each target object in an image by class.


Classify images and categorize them into defect types or OK/NG groups.


Inspect defective areas by analyzing various features of the products.





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