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New tech 2018 show

28 May, 2018

Visit us at the NEW-TECH 2018 exhibition, May 29-30 TLV Convention Center Tel Aviv, Booth 37.

This year we are going to present the following demos:

Demo 1:

High speed camera - Optronis CP70-1-C-1000  - 1.3MP (1280*1024), CoaXPress interface, 2/3" color sensor, 1050fps,

Telecentric Lens - VS-Technology VS-THV011-220/S  Telecentric Lens for 1" sensor. 

Frame grabber -  Bitflow CYT-PC2-CXP4  Cyton Quad Channel CoaXPress frame grabber

Illumination - Metaphase  FR-SL205-W-24-W  LED Fluorescent Washdown Spot Light White +/-25° and 2 units of GL-DB11020W - 3A Mechatronic Bar Linear Led, White

Recording Software - Norpix Streampix

 IMG_4304 (2)_20180529151746.455.jpg



Demo 2:

High resolution camera - Vieworks VC-155MX-M15G1 -  155MP CMOS , B&W,  CoaXPress interface, 15fps, M72 mount.

Macro lens  - VS-Technology VS-L8528/M72 - 85mm Macro lens M72-Mount. 

Frame grabber -  Silicon-Software mE5-AQ8-CXP6D - microEnable5 CoaXPress Frame grabber, PCIex8

Illumination - 3A Mechatronic  GL-DB26020W Bar Linear Led, White


IMG_4307 (2)_20180529151106.751.jpg


New tech 2017 show

12 August, 2017

New tech show - May 2017

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