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1Vision offers a wide range of digital and analog cameras produced by leading manufacturers around the world and suitable for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Machine-vision based quality control for automated production lines
  • Military and security applications (control, lookout, guidance, research)
  • Medical and life science research
  • Traffic control

1Vision's camera selections include line scan cameras, area scan cameras and integrated optics cameras.


Area scan cameras generate digital images created by a matrix of pixels that correspond to the area of a given scene. They are easier to set up and align than line scan cameras , Area scan cameras are best suited for applications where the object is stationary, even if only briefly, and for fast inspections.

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Integrated optics cameras are all-in-one, highly compact area scan cameras with an integrated motorized zoom lens, iris and focus, making them a cost efficient choice.

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1Vision supplies vision sensors, smart cameras and PC-based systems

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Line scan cameras

Line scan cameras contain a single row of pixels used to capture data very quickly, as opposed to a matrix in area scan cameras . A complete image can be reconstructed line by line as an object moves past the camera. Line scan cameras are best for high-speed cover in large areas or fast-moving conveyor line applications.

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Board Cameras

Board cameras are non-housed printed circuit boards that can be embedded in multiple configurations for a wide range of applications. Board cameras are usually small in size, and therefore are well-suited for embedded and space-limited applications such as industrial automation, quality control, surveillance, medicine and more.
1Vision provides a wide variety of board cameras available in a wide range of image sensors and interfaces.
Let us help you find the board camera that best suits your needs!

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