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Video Converters

Video converters translate between different video interfaces.

Video converters can be useful for replacing obsolete RS-422 & LVDS cameras and frame grabbers in existing imaging systems (cameras with pixel clock rates as low as 2.5 MHz and as high as 85 MHz are supported ) or for converting digital serial video signals into uncompressed image data streams for USB 3.0 interfaces or old analog video format to usb digital format.

  • Convert Camera Link to/from LVDS, RS-422, HD-SDI,
  • Convert PAL/NTSC, RS-170/CCIR to-USB, 6 channels of PAL/NTSC to USB3.2
  • Convert Single Channel DVI/HDMI/VAG/Analog/SD-SDI to USB3.1

Let us help you find the converter that best suits your needs!

Find the converter that you need

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Video Converters Products
Part # Description CATEGORY SUB CATEGORY Interface MANUFACTURER Datasheet IF Side1 IF Side2 USERMANUAL
CLT-303R/L Accessories Converters; Vivid Download RS-422 and LVDS Camera Link Download
CLT-351R/L Accessories Converters; Vivid Camera Link RS-422 and LVDS Download
CLT-361 Accessories Converters; Vivid Download HD-SDI Camera Link Download
DFG/USB2pro Accessories Converters; The Imaging Source Download Analog USB2.0
VC100XUSB-Pro Accessories Converters; EMS Download DVI/HDMI/VAG/Analog/SD-SDI USB3.0 Download
VC200XUSB Accessories Converters; EMS Download DVI/HDMI/VAG/Analog/SD-SDI USB3.0
VC006AUSB Accessories Converters; EMS Download PAL/NTSC USB3.0
VC104XUSB Accessories Converters; EMS Download HD and Quad PAL/NTSC USB3.0
DFG/HDSDI Accessories Converters; The Imaging Source Download HD-SDI USB3.0
DFG/USB2propcb Accessories Converters; The Imaging Source Analog USB2.0
Camera Link to HD-SDI / HDMI / DVI Converter:
The CLT-371 Camera Link Translator converts Camera Link to HD-SDI, enabling the use of Camera Link cameras with HD-SDI monitors, recorders, etc. Camera Link to HDMI and Camera Link to DVI are also supported via an inexpensive external adapter.  The CLT-371 requires no programming and enables use of a Camera Link camera without frame grabber or computer.
The Camera Link converter works with most color and monochrome base-configuration cameras. Output format is either 1920x1080 or 1280x720.
The Camera Link adapter features automatic frame rate adaptation, Bayer white balance correction, and camera synchronization support.  Camera control is via an RS-232 port or USB.
No special programming or factory preconfiguration is required; configuration is via rear-panel switch settings.  
The CLT-371 is housed in a sturdy aluminum enclosure.
Accessories Converters; Vivid Download Camera Link HD-SDI

The Imaging Source new USB-to-HDMI Converter ( DFG/USBtoHDMI): Direct Camera to Monitor Imaging. Typical machine vision applications use dedicated computers to perform image processing and analysis. Some simple monitoring and visualization tasks do not, however, require these levels of image processing. Such tasks are most efficiently solved by delivering images directly from camera to monitor—eliminating the need for and associated costs of dedicated computer hardware. Expressly designed for this purpose, the USB-to-HDMI converter generates an HDMI signal from The Imaging Source’s USB3 camera image data. Camera settings like exposure and gain can be configured via an on-screen menu and are automatically restored on startup.

Acquisition Digital; USB 3.0/ HDMI The Imaging Source USB HDMI

The Imaging Source's HDMI-to-USB converter (DFG/HDMI) captures digital images from HDMI video output sources such as medical and industrial imaging devices, computers and other video equipment.

The uncompressed video signal can then be processed or recorded via The Imaging Source's free software tools: IC Measure, IC Capture and IC Imaging Control SDK. This robust and cost-optimized converter is quickly connected and can be used with Windows or Linux-based operating systems.

  • HDMI-to-USB converter
  • Video standard: HDMI
  • Manufactured by The Imaging Source
  • Windows and Linux software included
Accessories Converters The Imaging Source HDMI USB3.1
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