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Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Machine vision for improved product integrity and safety

The pharmaceutical industry's products have a direct impact on people's lives and health, which is why great emphasis is placed on product integrity and safety. For this reason, specifically in this industry, machine vision technology and color image processing have many uses. For example, machine vision is the ideal technology for verifying codes and validating code legibility of the codes. Other applications include product inspection, system use and configuration auditing, and guaranteeing the delivery of correct drugs and dosages.

In the chemical industry, machine vision can replace human inspection in cases where it can be difficult or dangerous. In production scenarios involving chemical compounds and gases that are invisible to the naked eye, machine vision can provide 24/7 monitoring, to safely and promptly identify problems and pre-empt danger, from potentially combustible chemicals becoming hazardous, for example.

1vision can provide the digital imaging technology to ensure that pharmaceutical production is up to the highest standards, and to provide ongoing safe and efficient inspection in chemical environments.

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