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Continuous media inspection

Continuous media inspection system for on-line decolorization detection

Offered system includes:

  • Camera & Optics
  • Illumination
  • Computer (PC)
  • Detection algorithm for color uniformity
  • User Interface including display of scanned area and results.
  • History saving of defect areas, including marking.
  • Controller for I/O communication (receiving start/stop, sending fail signal)

Covered area – 50cm wide X running length at speeds up to 60m/min.

Detected resolution – better than 2 X 2 mm² decolorization area.

Cost effective solution.

Suitable for various media types, including woven and unwoven materials.

MediaInspectionMarketing (1)_20231213151619.448.jpg

Self-explaining User Interface displaying the current media status and inspection results.

Automatic features:

  • Detection of media edges in real-time for accurate calculations
  • Learning of media’s expected values (Hue, Saturation, Intensity, Average, STD) upon training on a good substrate
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