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New-Tech 2022

New-Tech 2022

24 May, 2022

1Vision invites you to visit us at Tel-Aviv New-Tech Show 2022 May 24-25, EXPO Tel Aviv, Booth #38

1Vision will demonstrate a variety of products and applications: 3D Cameras, Smart Cameras, MIPI/CSI-2 Cameras, Industrial Cameras, Optics, Illumination, Frame Grabbers, Lighting Controllers and Lens Controllers, AI Applications and Machine Vision Automated Solutions combined with Cobot/Robot.  




The following demonstration was presented on the new-tech show: 

ABB 6-axis industrial robot organizing elements on a conveyor belt. It holds the elements in front of a DataSensing P11 smart camera for detection and inspection of the element type. 

ABB (2)_20220529102022.966.jpg



Photoneo 3D camera (MotionCam-3D S) mounted on a  collaborative robot (COBOT) DOBOT CR5, hovering over several objects. By using PhoxiControl software, we capture cloud of points data for building a full 3D model of the objects. Together with the Pekat Vision deep learning software we gain a full 3D inspection application.  







A camera with liquid lens with high-speed auto-focus mechanism - allows fast changes of working distance and object inspection. The system components include: 




Datalogic 2D barcode readers (MATRIX 300) verifies small and fast moving QR codes. Multiple synchronized readers are used.A Datalogic contrast sensors, TL46,  for print registration mark detection. 



High performance Pulse / Strobe illumination Controllers. LED Lighting displaying a wide range of geometries and wavelengths: 

Gardasoft 8/4 channels illumination controller RT820F-20,  RT420-20 

Gardasoft single channel illumination controller rc120 

Metaphase Exolight ISO-14-W-24Z 

Metaphase Flat dome MB-OBL6x6W-24-X 

Metaphase Dome MB-DL306-W-24 

Metaphase spotlight washdown illuminationn  FR-SL205-W 

VS-Technology Bar VL-B08020W-SQ4C  

3A Mechatronic Shadowless Square  GL-FPQ4848W-24 

3A Mechatronic  High power Direct Ring Light GLDRC7035W 

3A Mechatronic Bar GL-DB11020B-24, Bar GL-DB16020W-24 

3A Mechatronic thin Backlight ADM6060W-24 

3A Mechatronic Shadow-less ring light GL-PR6739G-24 

Gardasoft Machine Vision Timing Controller CC320 - Synchronizing the illumination at microseconds resolution.  










WORKERS (1)_20220529121029.018.jpg

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