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Unleash the future of AI print inspection with our In-line Real-Time Print Inspection System, featuring advanced OCR and OCV capabilities.

Take your quality control to new heights by conquering challenging surfaces with unparalleled precision, such as shiny and curved prints.

A stand-alone station for conveying and inspecting bottles from their bottom side. Ideal for ensuring small product codes or serialization codes printed directly on the bottle or an applied label can be read.

In-line inspection is feasible during the container’s manufacturing (before filling) or after filling and/or packaging.

A speed of 14,000 bottles per hour can be achieved, supporting real-time feeding without limiting production throughput.


Seamless integration.

The In-SPECt-1CVB is mechanically designed and fitted as per your production line needs. Its small footprint prevails and facilitates its incorporation to your production floor. Offered degrees of freedom allow easy mechanical integration. Adding the system is made with ease into existing production lines and adjustments of the conveyor’s height and container’s width provide a smooth out-of-the-box experience.  



1Vision's many years of experience in this field across a wide range of customers and industries along with our unique know-how in Deep learning, User interface, Optics, and Light architecture  and the 1CVB presents flexibility on 2 levels:

  1. A very wide range of products may be introduced to this system with a short learning curve.
  2. The system will compensate for print variation derived from curved surfaces, shiny surfaces, humidity, distance of the printer, quality issues, etc. The system is able to detect characters that are smeared, misprinted, or otherwise unreadable, reducing the chance of recalls down the road.


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