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SWIR Area Backlights news

SWIR Area Backlights news

12 December, 2017

Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR), typically defined as wavelengths in the range of 900nm to 2500nm, is now offered in the Metaphase Backlight. Short-wave infrared technology provides the necessary contrast to illuminate test objects that visible and ultraviolet light cannot provide. The SWIR Backlight is a high performance and uniform light source for silhouetting and transmissive applications. Using a full array LED layout, we can pack more LEDs per square inch to provide greater intensity, uniformity and performance.



  • Full-array, high-power surface mount LED layout
  • Exclusive optical lens provides high uniformity, shadow-free backlight illumination
  • Thermal management design draws heat directly from the die ensuring long life
  • Available in a limited amount of standard sizes but can be custom designed per order
  • Optional Constant Current Driver with 0 – 10VDC intensity control, compatible with DDC-3 and ILD-35-24-L

Available Wavelengths

Model W x L x H
MS-BL4x4 4x4x3"
MS-BL6x6 6x6x3"
MS-BL10x25 10x25x3"
MS-BL12x12 8x8x3"
MS-BL14x14 14x14x3"
MS-BL20x25 20x25x3"
MS-BL24x24 24x24x3"
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