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Liquid Lenses and Controllers

Focus-tunable lenses have clear advantages over traditional optics and are suitable for diverse applications.

Liquid Lenses and Controllers Products
Part # Description CATEGORY SUB CATEGORY Sensor Format MANUFACTURER Datasheet Mount Weight[g] Number of Channels

Key features:

  • One channel high resolution output
  • Include constant current Lens drive and Lens EEPROM data communications
  • -400mA to +400mA in 0.1mA steps
  • Compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci and EL-16-40-TC and EL-3-10 lenses
  • Full current calibration with lens temperature compensation

Application benefits:

  • Industrial, precision control for Optotune lenses
  • Easy connection with cameras and lighting via triniti Intelligent Machine Vision platform
  • GigE Vision compliance, lenses therefore easily integrated with standard Image Processes software
Optics Liquid Lenses and Controllers Gardasoft Download 1

Built-in Liquid Focusing /Optimized for 12MP 1.1"
Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens

  • 3.45μm resolution
  • Large Angle of View with 1.1" sensor
  • Able to adjust focus from 150mm to infinity.
Optics Fixed Focal-sub 1.1ʺ VS Download C 210g
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