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High Data rate DVR system

High data rate recording and Image processing system

 4 Cameras (4Mega Pixels @ 500 fps each), Total Data Rate 8 GByte/sec

Prof. Alex Liberzon laboratory (http://www.eng.tau.ac.il/turbulencelab/) has been developing an open source software (OpenPTV http://www.openptv.net) and a method (3D-PTV – 3-Dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry) to use the multi-view time-resolved/real-time imaging for the studies of fluids (liquids/gases) with impurities and pollutants such as polymers / particles / bubbles / droplets as well as bio-organisms in a variety of turbulent and complex flows with the applications to medicine, pharmaceutical, chemical, mechanical, semiconductor and defense industries. The uniqueness of the methods provides the scientists and engineers with an unprecedented information regarding the fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer. 

The system includes 3~4 Optronis high speed cameras with 4 Mega pixels running at 500 fps (CoaXPress interface). Each video channel is grabbed into a Silicon-Software programmable frame grabber, where real time image processing, including full blob analysis, is performed on the board's FPGA. The blobs information are recorded by software application and later analyzed by the OpenPTV application to track particles trajectory in 3D space.


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