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Plastic container visual inspection system

The AOI systems are integrated into In-Mold Labeling Systems (IML)

Margarine Tub and Lid visual inspection 

Six sides inspection of tubs, including a bottom inspection.

On-the-fly inspection without the need to stop the conveyor.

A separate lid inspection station 

The following visual inspections are performed:

  • Wrap-around label position
  • Base label X and Y position and angle orientation
  • Label deformation
  • Correct/missing label
  • Barcode verification
  • Short shots 
  • Flashes

The user interface allows dynamic processing parameters update and saves/load of different pre-defined parameter sets (recipes) for different product sizes.

The software calculates, displays and saves statistical data of the current production lot (total products, defected products, % of defects etc.).

Speed= 120 parts per minute.



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