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VisualApplets is one of the leading and most advanced tools for FPGA programming to realize image processing applications.

VisualApplets will:

  • turn the frame grabber or camera into a flexible and intelligent high-performance image processor.
  •  fit with Silicon Software frame grabbers with no extra efforts.
  • let you deploy the potential of modern FPGA technology at any customer.
  • enable you to realize real-time solutions for applications with image processing requirements in minutes.
  • upgrade your application to a reliable hardware solution level.


VisualApplets’s key benefits and features:

  • a graphical interface to program FPGA hardware.
  • no knowledge required of circuitry, synchronization, timings or FPGA programming.
  • libraries with hardware modules representing available hardware configurations.
  • image processing libraries with various filter operators and imaging modules.
  • availability of VisualApplets® image processing libraries with special market, branch or customer focus.
  • build and high-level simulation in software.
  • no need for a VHDL compiler.
  • accessible to hardware developers and application engineers alike.
  • closes the gap between standard and custom specific applets.

For more information please visit- VisualApplets



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