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Co-Axial Diffused Dome

Coaxial illumination is used for lighting reflective surfaces. It is ideal for applications such as PCB inspection, reflective labels, polished silicon wafers or print inspection.

1Vision offers a variety of coaxial illumination solutions in different colors, sizes and voltages.

Let us help you find the coaxial light or diffused axial light that best suits your needs!

Find the coaxial illumination that you need

Using our advanced search engine you can define the following characteristics to locate the coaxial illumination most suited to your needs:

Co-Axial Diffused Dome Products
Part # Description CATEGORY SUB CATEGORY MANUFACTURER Datasheet Voltage Illumination Color

For highly reflective and precise applications, the Dome Light can create a dark spot in the image due to lack of light reflecting down from the camera viewing port. For these types of applications, adding our DAL (Co-Axial Light) on top of the dome eliminates this gap and the dark spot. The Metaphase CODL (Co-Axial & Dome Light) conveniently packages the units together to make integration of the DAL with the Dome Light simple and easy. The CODL is available with a wide variety of LED colors such as white, red, green, blue, IR, UV (365 nm and 395 nm) and RGB with independent color control.

Illumination Co-Axial Diffused Dome; Metaphase Download 24V RGB
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