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In-SPECt-6CV1: Main Advantages

  • In-SPECt-6CV1 developed specifically to inspect pharmaceutical white plastic bottles

  • Therefore, the price of In-SPECt-6CV1 is attractive!

  • In-SPECt-6CV1 allows full inspection of all bottle sides (360°)

  • The customer has the freedom to control many of the application parameters

  • There are many definitions of quality. Some are more related to objective facts while others to more subjective feelings, but they are interdependent.

  • The cost-effective design gives speed of 9000 bottles per hour. (it can run faster with additional hardware).

  • The right price / performance ratio allowing a cost-effective solution

  • Optimized hardware and software combination allowing high throughput of 9000 containers/hour without compromising on details, providing the highest inspection quality while running 100% inspection in-line.

  • Reduced set of inspection features allows super-fast speed of up to 3 times faster!

  • Unique synchronization concept, allowing software-based decisions to be made at lightning speed and time accuracy.

  • A unique AI Technology for inspection the bottle thread.

  • Quick adjustment to a new bottle - Easy Calibration

  • Auto-identification of bottle’s contour and auto-adjustment based on currently running product

  • Transparent doors allowing easy maintenance/service and process following

  • Adjustable machine height, fitting to production line

  • Clean room environment design including HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) positioning and flow.

  • Anti-static discharge at entrance point to avoid dust /debris accumulation

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