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Illumination is crucial in the design of any vision system. The lighting you select affects the quality of your captured image, not to mention the quality of its subsequent analysis, especially when the object you need to illuminate includes complex shapes or very reflective surfaces.  Moreover, when you use the correct illumination, you will need to use fewer filters and your processing speed will consequently increase.

When selecting your illumination you should take into account the type of application, the characteristics of the object you are illuminating, the area that needs to be illuminated and the conditions in the area.

1Vision can help you select the right illumination for your specific application and needs!

Here are several issues you should think about when selecting illumination for your project:

  • Monochrome or color application?
  • The speed in which the object is moving – maybe need a rephrase
  • The size of the area which you are illuminating
  • Characteristics of the illuminated object - geometry, structure, surfaces, reflectivity, color, is there a specific element that needs to be highlighted, etc.
  • Background characteristics – color, geometry, etc.
  • Required lighting system lifetime
  • Mechanical /environmental considerations

Back Light

Backlighting is one of the most popular forms of vision inspection illumination, where the lighting source is placed behind the target, providing maximum contrast between object and scene and producing a high contrast image with consistent edge definition.1Vision backlights combine the latest high brightness LEDs with exclusive optical lensing to create high intensity and uniform, shadow-free illumination.

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Co-Axial Diffused Dome

Coaxial illumination is used for lighting reflective surfaces. It is ideal for applications such as PCB inspection, reflective labels, polished silicon wafers or print inspection.

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Low Angle, Dark field

Low Angle, Dark field illuminations are designed to illuminate 360° from a low angle (45° or less). The camera will not collect the majority of the light reflected from the surface, but only the scattered light that is reflected from a defect on the surface.
Low Angle, Dark field illuminations are mainly used for detecting scratches and stains, reading laser engraving, edge detection, defect inspection.
1Vision provides a wide variety of Low Angle, Dark field illuminations.

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Bar linear

Bar linear illuminations are designed to allow both bright and dark field illumination, depending on the chosen angle. Bar linear has high-intensity luminance LEDs and it is arranged in a bar configuration. Bar linear illuminations are available in varying lengths, and therefore are suitable for both larger and smaller areas. Bar linear illuminations can be used for defect inspection on fabric or metal substrates, size measurements for electronic parts or shapes identifications.
Let us help you find the Bar linear illuminations that best suits your needs!

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Shadowless Square

Shadowless Square illumination is the best choice to inspect rectangular objects. Shadowless illumination can evenly diffuse lighting on glossy or metal objects, and it is most useful for preventing the halo effect. Shadowless illumination is mainly used for visual inspection of wafers, solder & connector pitch inspection, and more.

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High Speed LED Illumination

High Speed LED Illumination provides ultra-high intensity illumination at short pulses to capture non-blurred images of high-speed events.

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Parallel Light

Telecentric illumination is ideal for precision measurements where accuracy, repeatability, and throughput are key factors in the application’s success.

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Compact Diffused Tube

Compact Diffused Tube Line Light  is designed for line scan applications. Its diffused and multi-directional light output makes this light ideal for inspecting highly specular applications. It allows you to see beyond clear plastic and images the product with minimal glare and feedback from the plastic wrap. With its highly diffused light output you can image metallic materials and curved items, such as gel tablets, with minimal glare or hot spotting.

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Diffused Axial Light

Diffused Axial lights are particularly useful to produce even lighting on uneven or reflective surfaces, and in situations where the area of inspection is obscured by shadows from its surroundings. Diffused Axial lights use beam-splitter technology to reflect the diffused light onto a wide field of view. Diffused Axial Lights are mainly used in surfaces such as wafers, metal surfaces, film, liquid crystals, and glass.

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Diffused Dome

Diffused Dome illuminators are particularly useful to produce intense and uniform lighting on large evenly areas. 

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Diffused Tube

Diffuse Dome Lights are ideal for inspection of reflective, specular, rough, or topographic surfaces. Dome shaped illumination features high intensity and uniformity and thus provides an even and homogeneous illumination of the object. It is used to light complex reflective shapes, specular, rough, or topographic surfaces.

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Adjustable Focus Mini Spot Light

The Adjustable Focus Mini Spot Lights are designed for Machine Vision & Automation as well as Robotic Inspection applications. It produces high-intensity illumination and provides a homogenous, focused and adjustable beam of light. The Adjustable Focus Mini Spot Light is perfect and affordable whenever you need collimated light with a tightly focused beam.

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Flat Dome Light

Flat dome lights produce uniformly diffused light by using full array LED's with a diffuser. Flat dome lights are perfect for applications with limited space and achieve a performance that is almost up to the standards of traditional dome lights. Flat dome lights can be used for any application requiring an even, shadow-less, diffuse illumination of curved uneven surfaces.

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Front Light

Front lights provide direct illumination, as the light source is placed on the same side as the camera. This as opposed to backlighting where the light source is located behind the object.


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Long Range Strobe LED Lights are designed to replace high power xenon strobes. They provide a very powerful illumination (Flashlight) source for ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) monitoring solutions such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), LPR (License Plate Recognition), Red Light Violation, Open Road Tolling and Weigh-in-Motion systems.

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LED Light Engines

Light engines are the LED-based equivalents of conventional lamps and are used for direct fiber coupling or mounting on the coaxial illumination part of a macro lens and telecentric lens. LED Light Engines are designed for Microscopy, Industrial, Borescopes, Inspection Systems, and Machine Vision applications.

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LED Lighting controllers

1Vision offers a variety of  LED lighting controllers. Available in either 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 channel modules, these lighting controllers allow the user to precisely drive a LED light module on each channel. The controller range offers precise current control to ensure stable and repeatable illumination.

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Line Light

LED line lights radiate light across a long, narrow area and feature a long lifetime, controllability and reliability. They provide direct, intense light and when used together can deliver an efficient light array to cover large areas, thus ideal for factory automation or inspection applications for a variety of materials.


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Ring Light

Ring lights provide even, radial illumination and direct light towards the object.  Used for a wide range of optical or imaging applications, ring lights provide uniform, directly positioned light that is ideal for reducing shadows or providing uniform illumination to non-reflective objects.

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Spot Lights

Spotlights are used for low cost, washdown intense illumination of a limited area. These new illuminators are available in a variety of beam angles and optimal working distances..

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Round Area Front Light

Round Area Front Light is designed for Machine Vision & Automation applications. Round Area Front Light contains high-density LED array and proprietary thermal management technology to assure maximum LED lifetime and lowest cost of ownership.

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Special Geometry

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Horticultural Light

Lighting that suits agricultural uses, horticultural Light is suitable for wet & humid locations, its spectrums can be customized to support multiple large colas per plant. An optional controller can be added for unlimited custom spectrum/strain tuning.

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