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At 1Vision we know that selecting the right lens is critical for the quality of your final image, and that it can affect measuring accuracy, reliability and error level. We are proud to offer advanced state-of-the-art optical lenses and solutions to address all your optics needs.

We provide the following types of optics solutions:

  • Fixed focal length lenses
  • Objective lenses
  • Optical Filters
  • Telecentric lenses
  • Vari-focal lenses
  • Zoom lenses
  • Other lenses
  • Accessories for lenses

Our optics can be used in the following applications:

  • Security
  • ITS – traffic monitoring
  • Access control
  • Scientific testing
  • Industrial inspection
  • Process/product monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Laser/biomedical
  • Medical applications

Let us provide your optics solution !

Fixed Focal

Fixed focal length lenses have a non-adjustable focal length, so there is no option of zooming in and out. Fixed focal lenses are available in all focal lengths, from a wide-angle lens to the longer telephoto lenses.

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Day and Night

Day and Night lenses are capable of displaying a focused image in day and night lighting conditions. Due to their IR-corrected, day and night lenses can minimize the focus shift from visible light to NIR light. Day and Night lenses are suitable in a wide range of applications such as intelligent transportation systems, traffic roads, and food sorting.

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Line/Large Sensor Lens

Line sensor lenses are designed for line scan cameras. There is a large range of focal lengths and supported sensors which make it a good choice for any line scan application.

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Motorized Zoom Lens

Motorized Zoom lenses allow the user to control the focus and zoom functions remotely without direct handling of the lens.
1Vision provides an extensive range of motorized zoom lenses.

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Objective Lens

Objective lenses are used to magnify tiny objects or examine microscopic specimens that are a part of larger objects and that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

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Pin Hole Lens

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Rear Converter

Rear converter lenses are mainly used in order to increase the magnification without changing the working distance. Rear converter lenses are simply attached between camera and lens.

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Telecentric Lens

Telecentric lenses are mainly used in specific measurement applications where perpendicular projections are necessary. Telecentric lenses have the same magnification which won't change with the depth of field after focalization. Telecentric lenses will provide excellent image quality with low distortion and no parallax.
1Vision provides various range of Telecentric lenses.

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Telecentric Zoom Lens

Telecentric lenses are mainly used in specific measurement applications where perpendicular projections are necessary. Telecentric Zoom Lenses were designed to be compact in size and to have a long working distance.
Let us help you find the Telecentric Zoom Lens that best suits your needs!

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Zoom Lens

Whether you are looking for basic or motorized zoom lenses (for use in dynamic surroundings), day and night lenses (for day/night flexibility), 1Vision has the solution for you!

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A varifocal lens is a camera lens with variable focal length where focus changes as focal length (and magnification) changes.

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Liquid Lenses and Controllers

Focus-tunable lenses have clear advantages over traditional optics and are suitable for diverse applications.

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