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MIPI CSI-2 / FPD-Link III Modules

MIPI CSI-2 / FPD-Link III Modules

26 May, 2019
  • Perfect choice for industrial embedded-imaging
  • Cable lengths up to 15 m
  • Variety of CMOS sensors available
  • Supports NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and TX2
  • Up to 6 simultaneous streams (TX2)
  • Pre-built OpenEmbedded images

    MIPI CSI-2 / FPD-Link III Modules

    Excellent Image Quality, Great Performance and Competitive Price

    The Imaging Source MIPI/CSI-2 camera modules are the perfect choice for industrial embedded-imaging solutions. The new product line features a variety of industrial sensor modules and supported platforms. The compact camera modules directly execute demosaicing, color correction and other post-processing tasks via the ISP of the embedded target platform.

    For applications where longer cable lengths are required, The Imaging Source offers a bridge solution using the FPD-Link III751747.004 protocol. The FPD-Link III bridge allows for cable lengths up to 15 m and simultaneous data transmission, control channels (e.g. I2C or CAN) and power over a single compact coaxial cable.

    The Imaging Source provides embedded system solutions based on the most powerful embedded platform currently on the market: The NVIDIA Jetson TX2. In addition to its powerful GPU, it offers a dedicated ISP which processes 12 CSI-2 camera lanes with up to 1.5 Gbps per lane and up to six simultaneous camera streams. Furthermore, the ISP completes post-processing tasks such as denoising, sharpening, color correction and image scaling operations.

    Start developing your embedded applications immediately with our pre-built OpenEmbedded images and layers for The Imaging Source's supported platforms or create your own images for sensor configuration.

    NVIDIA / OpenEmbedded


    • Variety of CMOS sensors available
    • FPD-Link III™ serializer / deserializer available for cable lengths up to 15 m

    End-user software

    • Pre-built OpenEmbedded images for standard sensor configurations
    • OpenEmbedded layers available to build your own images


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