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PBV10 Plastic Bottles Vision Station

The PBV10 is the right solution when 100% plastic bottle inspection is needed. the plug & play station increases efficiency and improves product quality on your manufacturing line!

PBV10 is a fully working machine easily integrating into production line

Inspection Features:

  • 6 high-resolution cameras inspection: top, bottom and 4 sides
  • In-line inspection before packaging and/or filling
  • Max. speed:  2.5 bottles per second or 9000 bottles/hour
  • Automatic detection of bottle dimensions.

Supported sizes:

  • Diameter 30mm – 100mm
  • Height 60mm – 200mm


Top side inspection:

    • Bottle opening measurements: diameter, acircularity
    • Shorts and flashes starting 0.2mm long
    • Opening deformation
    • Spots/dirt on opening

Side wall inspection:

  • Bad dimensions
  • Shape deformation
  • Spots/dirt on bottle body
  • Spots/dirt on bottle neck
  • Spots/dirt on thread area
  • Pigmentation / bad color

Bottom side inspection:

  • Marking inspection
  • Spots/dirt on bottom side

Internal inspection

  • Internally illuminating from top
  • Detection and measurement of foreign material
  • Detection of thin/thick walls


User Interface Features

  • Live image display from all cameras
  • Defects overlay on image
  • History of last 20 inspected bottles
  • Parameters interface for inspection fine-tuning: controlling defect size, sensitivity, camera exposure etc.
  • Top camera electronic zoom/focus to adjust to different bottle heights
  • Load / save recipe with pre-defined parameters per bottle type
  • Easy calibration for new product – automatic adjustment for different dimensions, color and marking
  • 3 privilege levels: Operator, Supervisor and Administrator.
  • Password protection for supervisor/administrator levels.
  • Built-In-Test (BIT) and diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.


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